IP address is used in the most of modern wireless home routers. This IP address can be used when entering in router's web-interface.

We often use the wireless router, the IP address is one of the wireless router's user interface, you must enter the address You can access to your router by using IP address. How to login in It's necessary to visit http://192.168.l.254 page. To reset router, you should find RESET button on backside of device and press it for about   Most of the modem producing brands accustomed to it. To reach the interface of the router, enter the following address Click the button on   Jul 18, 2018 http 192.168 l 254 IP can also be used as factory default IP address relying upon a huge number of cables, routers and wireless data cables (no 

Despite its strange appearance, is the default IP address of many routers, and Enter into the URL bar and press enter. is usually considered as a default gateway used for various routers as well the internet-enabled devices locating themselves as a local area network. The very common routers or modems use this appropriate IP was none other than Netopia, SparkLAN, 2Wire, Motorola, Billion and many more respectively. Sometimes this IP address going to like a typical one for the people who have zero router login and password for your device at We will help you get into your router or other devices on your network. is a private ip address used for local networks.

First, open your browser and type the IP address, If it leads to a blank screen, then you have to replace it with Do not use www.

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